Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dedicated post to Gang Johor

This post is specially dedicated to an Orchid's lover from Southern region. She has been asking me to upload photo here or MMS her. Sorry dear, am really busy with the house chores. motip bercerita kerja rumah ? saje nak tunjuk rajin.hehehee

The plant is pretty big for this kind of orchid. The flower is maroon in colour and quite big.CAn't remember the ID.
The whole plant.
Leaf is as big as adult's palm.
If you intend to deco in door , just put the plant( do not remove the clear pot) in ceramic pot and put it on side table. It's really stunning!!!

Phal amboinensis var common.
The plant.
Price has increased, again!!!.Direct impact from oil increase in price, I think.hehehehhehehe
Phal carribean sunset x phal budi linohong.
it has 2 spikes
Angraecum Crestwood, perfect for CNY gift or deco.
Bellina alba, only one left.
Phal yellow queen
bud from one of the spikes.

That's all for now. silalah buat pilihan ye.

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