Saturday, February 19, 2011

mini phal and seedling

This entry is meant to show the plant that one of my reader asked, more than 2 weeks ago. sorry for the late up date, i don't have any excuse, just that i do not know how to operate the camera. lame ..... right?

Below is Phal parishii. It has been categorised under mini phal.

Because the size is small. how mini is mini?
The flowering size is as big as 50cents coins.
This is the seedling of phal lueddemanianna. I think, this is one of the fast growers.
Seedling phal bellina alba. During rainy season, i lost quite a number of phal due to crown rot. Lucky me this seedling not affected as it was tied upside down.
phal schillirena, I can't recall when did i buy this seedling. I like the leaf , i believe apart from the flower (of course) , collector have this type of orchid in their collection is to enjoy the difference on the leaf.

phalaenopsis inscriptiosinensis.
nice flower, unfortunately i just have seedling. have to wait 1/2 years to enjoy the flower.

ok, stop for now. will continue up date the rest later.

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  1. Nice seedling. The most I admire is the last Phal. Thanks for sharing ;)