Monday, March 9, 2009

outing and orchid

last Saturday, we went for a picnic in ulu yam.the intention is to go to sg, tua waterfall, since both HB & myself forgot to bring the map, we went to eco UK, instead. It was fun though, my daughter, aisyah has put some photos in her blog.

Prior to that, we went to waltex, an orchid nursery in Ulu Yam, just spent few minutes as the person in-charge is late for her appointment in Genting. The above are some of the orchids that i managed to grab, walaupun tergesa2. hehehehe
All the above is only $15/each, except the last one $25.


  1. Juliadam, kat sudut atas blog ni bawah abaout me, ada banyak order list, u jual orkid ke? Boleh tak klu sy nak order flask phal, apa jenis pun tak pa.

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  3. hi minat okid,
    kalau saya ada lebih okid atau terbeli, saya akan jual pada sesiapa yang hendak beli. saya akan letak di blog atau dalam collection available for barter trade or sale.
    saya tidak jual untuk flask phal cuma seedling saja.